“One Piece at a Time”


Each of our murals are made up of about 10,000 tiles. Each tile is made one beautiful piece at a time. By the end each tile has been cut, glazed, fired, installed and grouted. Every tile is treated with care and respect, whether it is a centimeter small or one square foot big. One is not more important than the other, both are needed and play an important role in the final mosaic mural.


I often think about the parallels between this complex multi layered process and the people who make up ALMA. I started creating tile mosaic murals when I was eighteen years old; so I have spent my entire adult life immersed in creating public art murals with so many talented and beautiful souls. The bigger picture is more than what most see, and takes place in the process of making.  Each person I have worked with is reflected back at me. I recall memories of individuals and experiences gained through the process of collaborating and creating together. Just like our murals, ALMA has been created by multiple individuals, each as important as the next and all are what make up the soul of our organization.