ALMA supports and nurtures artists of all ages in creating artworks of exceptional quality while building entrepreneurial skills. Our paid mosaic arts apprenticeship model develops leaders through a diverse and inclusive program

Who We Are

We chose ALMA as our name because, besides being an acronym, it means soul in Spanish. We genuinely pour our heart and soul into our designs and our relationships with all the artists we work with.   We are a creative community that supports and empowers artists of all ages and creates world-class artwork through an apprenticeship model that develops leaders in a diverse and inclusive way.

What We Do

ALMA Summer Institute in Albuquerque, NM creates large scale handmade ceramic tile mosaics using the apprenticeship model.  We believe the murals we create have an extra layer of beauty because of the value of the relationships and skills learned through this process. Throughout the years, we have recruited people from diverse backgrounds who have benefited and contributed to the amazing work done.


One of ALMA’s visions is to spread our apprenticeship model and artwork across Albuquerque and beyond!  

News & Bios

Malachi Mirabal – First Year Apprentice

Alma is Mongolian for “wild man” and Spanish for “soul.”   The meaning of it is strong and the family I’ve met through it is even stronger.   Many say it’s just art, but to me it’s a mark on this life that we make it out to be, straight from a wild man's brain. ...

Shundiin Nakai 4th Year Apprentice

Art has been a consistent passion in my life for as long as I can remember. My first encounter with creating art was drawing Disney characters pictured on the back of the VHS covers for the films. From that point on, creating art in whatever form has always been on my...

Tori Lucero Lead Apprentice

Throughout my life, I've always been passionate about art. Starting from a young age I began painting and drawing.  As I got older I continued working on my passion and took classes starting in high school and continued through college. It was after I graduated high...

Jilleen Salazar – 1.5 Year Apprentice

This new year at ALMA is fascinating, and for this past month I got the opportunity not only to learn and discover new skills from myself, but I got to learn the skills that my partners have, and slowly I have used them for myself. I learned a little bit from first...

Thank you/Muchisimas Gracias to all our apprentices, families, supporters and funders!