ALMA supports and nurtures artists of all ages in creating artworks of exceptional quality while building entrepreneurial skills. Our paid mosaic arts apprenticeship model develops leaders through a diverse and inclusive program

Who We Are

We chose ALMA as our name because, besides being an acronym, it means soul in Spanish. We genuinely pour our heart and soul into our designs and our relationships with all the artists we work with.   We are a creative community that supports and empowers artists of all ages and creates world-class artwork through an apprenticeship model that develops leaders in a diverse and inclusive way.

What We Do

ALMA Summer Institute in Albuquerque, NM creates large scale handmade ceramic tile mosaics using the apprenticeship model.  We believe the murals we create have an extra layer of beauty because of the value of the relationships and skills learned through this process. Throughout the years, we have recruited people from diverse backgrounds who have benefited and contributed to the amazing work done.


One of ALMA’s visions is to spread our apprenticeship model and artwork across Albuquerque and beyond!  

News & Bios

October 9, 2020 Fall Newsletter

Happy Fall from ALMA! We have successfully completed another ALMA Summer Institute program amidst this pandemic.  We had a smaller crew, wore masks, socially distanced and disinfected frequently!  We were so sad we weren’t able to have an Open House or...

Atom Vigil- 2nd Year Apprentice

I first started doing ceramics back in first grade. I didn't think much of it then, it didn't quite spark the same fascination and interest as it does now.  I fell in love with clay my sophomore year of high school, the feeling of the clay in my hands made me think of...

November 26, 2019 ALMA Newsletter

Greetings ALMA Family! We wanted to give you an update of our “off-season” happenings.  First we want to say we are THANKFUL everyday for a number of reasons: being able to create public artwork in our home state of NM, working with the talented youth of NM, and...

Tomas Lopez Second Year Apprentice

My name is Tomas Lopez this is now my second summer as an apprentice for ALMA.  Since I began working for ALMA I have gained insight into how a working artist can make a career in the arts.  Working with the ALMA summer program has helped me to build social skills and...

Thank you/Muchisimas Gracias to all our apprentices, families, supporters and funders!