About Alma

ALMA stands for Apprenticeships for Leaders in Mosaic Arts and was founded in spring 2015 by the leadership team of the Mayor’s Art Institute. ALMA is now the administrator for The ALMA Summer Institute (ASI) formally known as Mayor’s Art Institute (MAI).   MAI had a few different homes in the past; the City of Albuquerque from 1999-2005 and the Harwood Art Center from 2006- 2015. ALMA provides mentorship and training to youth through our apprenticeship model, creates world-class handmade tile mosaic artworks, and provides opportunities for the community to engage with the mosaic process.

photo of the ALMA Tile founders.

Leadership Team in 2015-   (Left) Will Geusz, Margarita Paz-Pedro, Staci Drangmeister, Vanessa Alvarado, Karly Catron-Cardell, & Cassandra Reid