Sunflowers Across Burque” is made up of a collaboration between La Academia De Esperanza Charter High School and ALMA to create singular handmade mosaic sunflowers and painted sunflowers across Burque. We see the sunflower as a prominent and symbolic flower in our state.  For us, it is a reference to Tupac Shakur’s poem “The Rose Through the Concrete”.  Here in Albuquerque, NM, it is the sunflowers through the concrete/dirt, there is beauty and strength that can come from the grittiness of life.  Sunflowers also have the ability to suck toxins from the soil, to allow it to thrive.  It is a way to bring strength, color, beauty and resilience to our neighborhoods with our own hands.  

We have created a video with Keith Scott that demonstrates the collaborative creating, the final product with creative narration, photographs and aerial footage.


It is our hope that these sunflowers will eventually bloom across the city, on businesses and throughout neighborhoods.  If you are interested purchasing a painted, tile or painted/tile sunflower at your business or home please email us using the contact form down below.


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