When Trees Play
Photo image of "When Trees Play" mosaic mural in Las Cruces, NM.

ALMA collaborated with the City of Las Cruces Mural Arts Program and the city of Las Cruces to create a new public mural in Las Cruces, NM in the summer of June 2017.  This 6 week summer project had about 3-5 youth volunteers that participated in every step of the process. It combines both handmade ceramic tile mosaic in addition to painted elements.  The mural is located at the Armando “Mondy” Castaneda, Parks and Recreation Administration Building.

A big thank you to all have donated to support this program in Las Cruces: City of Las Cruces, McCune Foundation, New Mexico Potter’s and Clay Artist’s Association, Devesthali Family Fund/ Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico, Links of Life, LLC, Conchita Paz, Claire Shervanick, Imelda Toledo, Phyllis Denton & Carole France.