Support Mascarenas Memorial Project

The featured image to the left is a sketch of the bench designed to honor Olivia. 

ALMA is honored to have been invited to create memorial benches for the Mascarenas children, Ian, Olivia, and Eli, who were tragically taken on December 5, 2016.  They have surviving family, classmates, teachers, and community members who need healing.  ALMA artists are visiting the children’s classmates at Manzano Mesa Elementary School to involve them in designing and making tiles for the benches.  The students are learning the art of mosaic tile and sharing their love and stories with the artists and teachers to honor the memories of Ian, Olivia, and Eli Mascarenas.

We are humbly seeking your support in this endeavor.  A Memorial Fund has been created to assist with healing through art. Our objective is to fund the three memorial benches.  You may make a donation to this project by using the Donate button on this page.  When prompted, please write “IOE benches” in the box for “instructions to seller.”  All donations are tax-deductible.

Please visit the IOE Memorial Healing Through Artwebsite for more information on a silent auction and other ways to donate: