Squash Blossoms for Burque 2004, Old Town Albuquerque

Squash Blossoms for Burque 2004 mosaic mural

  Mandalas are circular sacred symbols that provide and create harmony and balance. These symbols are created by many cultures to convey a vision of the universe, to aid in meditation and healing, and to guide us how to live. Our mandalas contain bands with designs found throughout nature as well as a variety of cultures and religions. The diversity in the bands, as well as between the mandalas, demonstrates our hope for diversity and balance in society. The background colors of sunset and sunrise symbolize the balance of opposites and the beauty of change. When we come together to create something meaningful, we can envision what we want for the future and actively bring it into being.

Lead Apprentices

Angelica Lucero

Kristy Padilla

Lead Artists


Cassandra Reid

This Project Was Funded By


Community Services

City of Albuquerque Family