Keeper of Fire, Summer 2016
Fire Guardian mural at Albuquerque Convention Center

On a cold winter night, friends and families huddle close to a bonfire, sharing stories and singing songs around the fiery blaze.  Like people all over the world, generations before them have gathered on winter nights.  The Pueblo of Laguna and a snow covered Mount Taylor sit on the horizon.Overhead, snowflakes dance in the sky and gently fall onto forest trees.  

These trees offer protection for small woodland creatures.In the starry night, the constellations Orion and Sirius are brought to life and depicted as guardians protecting the earth from above.  The figure of Orion represents an ancestral warrior guardian with deep, intuitive wisdom.  In one hand he holds a spiral galaxy as his shield, and in the other a comet shooting across the heavens.  Sirius is portrayed as a wolf, the ancestor of modern domestic dogs and humanity’s most loyal companion.High above these celestial figures, the Pillars of Creation nebula invites us to contemplate our histories and connections.

Apprentice Artists

Jordyn Bernicke

Jordan Caldwell

Victoria Cereceres

Larissa Chavez

Mollie Coriz

Isebella Del Frate

Paulina Duran

Bethany Godwin

Jacklyn Le

Jessica Lovato

Tori Lucero

Santi Prentice

Jacquelyn Yepa

Lead Apprentices

Helen Atkins

Karly Granzen

James Long

Lead Artists

Vanessa Alvarado

Margarita Paz-Pedro

Cassandra Reid

We would like to give a special thanks to:


Mayor Richard Barry

New Mexico Clay

La Academia de Esperanza

This Project Was Funded By


New Mexico Youth Conservation Corps

City of Albuquerque Public Art Program

Heart Gallery of New Mexico Foundation