Healing Into Harmony, Summer 2019

As a transition from 2018, we continued the idea of pollinators and the plants that sustain them; lilac, honeysuckle, and milkweed.  Those plants, in particular, all play an important role in the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly.  We specifically chose the Monarch because of its great migration path that has been unchanged for centuries.  We also see healing as a journey.  The Monarch has Jemez, Hopi and Laguna inspired designs that symbolize the great migration of “Healing into Harmony”.

It was also through the creative process in 2018 that the question of, “What comes after healing?”  Each of us had our own way to answer the question, but collectively we utilized the cottonwood tree.  We see it as a symbol of growth and prosperity, that reaffirms, cherishes, and strengthens our connection to the earth.  We also love the reference of our own bountiful Bosque.  The cottonwood tree is filled with a beloved community of animals that serve as a reminder that there is room for everybody in this world.  The rays beaming through the tree suggests the sacred importance of the ecosystem and enlightened future.  We hope you will find your own healing within the harmonious Bosque.

Apprentice Artists

Jack Brooks 

Jordan Caldwell

Tomas Lopez

Joslyne Martinez

Malachi Mirabal

Shundiin Nakai

Jilleen Salazar

Atom Vigil

Jacquelyn Yepa

Lead Apprentices

Jaqueline De La Cruz

Victoriana Lucero

Lead Artists

Vanessa Alvarado

Margarita Paz-Pedro

Cassandra Reid

We would like to give a special thanks to:


ALMA Board Members

Kate Smith

Nan Masland

George Radnovich

Stephen Calvin

Valentine Garcia

La Academia de Esperanza Charter High School

ABQ Convention Center Staff

ABQ Public Art Staff

ABQ Public Arts Board

New Mexico Clay

The Loan Fund

City of ABQ Open Space Visitor Center

Bill Pentler

Carla Nieto

Sergio & Ruth Alvarado

Joseph Ramirez

Keith Scott

Benjamin Ambriz

And to all of our family and friends for supporting artists in a world where we are undervalued… Thank you!

This Project Was Funded By


New Mexico Youth Conservation Corps

City of Albuquerque Public Art Program

Heart Gallery of New Mexico Foundation

McCune Charitable Foundation

Albuquerque Community Foundation,

and the generosity of anonymous funders