ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – ALMA stands for Apprenticeships for Leaders in Mosaic Arts and their paid apprenticeship model is geared towards developing leaders in a diverse and inclusive way. ALMA artist and Operations Director Margarita Paz-Pedro discusses the organization, what they do, and what their summer institute is all about.

ALMA supports artists of all ages in creating artworks and becoming artistic entrepreneurs. The artists of ALMA developed their apprenticeship model over 20 years of creating handmade tile mosaic artworks in collaboration with the community.

Over the years, ALMA has employed over 250 artists on their large public mosaic projects and after being sponsored by a few different organizations, the leadership team of ALMA incorporated as their own nonprofit organization in 2015. ALMA’s main and longest program is their Summer Institute which started in 1999 under a different name and program administrator.

Currently, the leadership team has been running the program since 2000, 2006, and 2009 by the respective lead artists. The program covers all aspects of creating a public artwork including research, design, and presentation, tile carving and glazing, and mosaic installation.

Additionally, they offer training in entrepreneurship, communication, professional skills, marketing, budgets, and emotional health. ALMA’s apprenticeship model has five levels and their goal is to help young individuals prepare for life with transferable job skills and a healthy perspective on life.

For more information on ALMA, visit their website at as well as their Facebook and Instagram pages.