Alma is Mongolian for “wild man” and Spanish for “soul.”  

The meaning of it is strong and the family I’ve met through it is even stronger.  

Many say it’s just art, but to me it’s a mark on this life that we make it out to be, straight from a wild man’s brain. 

Acknowledging he’ll just be nothing more than a soul and nothing less than a shell that turns into stardust.  

Awake with answers trying to show others.

Migrating together creates something beautiful. 

I’ve had a tremendous change in my future, some good, some bad, but nothing can get in the way of my dreams.

I’m so thankful for Alma for making my dream come true. This was my first job at the age of 17 and I consider myself lucky having a job like this, to do something I completely love . -Malachi

I have also begun to learn about the processes in making the actual tiles.  For example, the background tiles are thinner tiles made of random shapes used to fill in between the design elements. Then the actual design tiles are thicker and have three dimensional detail that can be added through carving directly into the clay or scoring and slipping other pieces onto the tile. Another thing that I am learning about is the different methods to organize and create the large amount of tile that goes into a project this size as efficiently as possible.