This new year at ALMA is fascinating, and for this past month I got the opportunity not only to learn and discover new skills from myself, but I got to learn the skills that my partners have, and slowly I have used them for myself. I learned a little bit from first years, returners, lead apprentices, and lead artists. This year I didn’t expect as much as what has been happening.  A month into the program I learned how a design is started. I learned that research is important. I learned that the best way to work is working as a team, also how to receive help as well to give it to another apprentice if they need it. I was able to increase my drawing skills and carving skills; slowly I have been communicating a lot more with my partners. For the following months I expect to learn more about carving and glazing.  I expect a lot of fun and hope to build more techniques for carving, glazing, and working together. Lastly, I also expect more team building with every apprentice in ALMA.