Art and an Artist.

I have always been an artist in some form, ever since I was little. It is only in the past 2-3 years that I have truly embraced calling myself an Artist. I recently had the pleasure of flying out of ABQ on a small week-long vacation (of sorts). During my flight I got a soda and a napkin. I always feel bad about not using the napkins and don’t want them to go to waste. To avoid throwing  the napkin away I will usually fold it into an origami crane or dragon. On this flight I folded a dragon and gave it to the flight attendant as they came to collect the trash, they smiled as I gave it to them. It struck me as they and another attendant both turned and smiled visibly behind their masks.

This is why I do my art. The way that it brings smiles to people’s faces.  The look when you give them a dragon and they smile so big, it spreads even bigger. It’s that feeling of knowing I just made someone’s day better and got them to smile. In a way getting someone to smile and have that moment of joy is like a payment because when I see them smile, I can’t help but also smile with them.

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