Tree of Life, Summer 2006

A tree of life sways under a gathering storm. A colorful fractal or swirling wind at the left end of the mosaic spawns storm clouds that blow across the sky. Ripe corn plants bend in the wind before the storm. A water serpent is visible in the clouds, sending shafts of lightning to the earth.

The tree of life is rendered in a Mesoamerican style with two limbs and a colorful trunk. It attracts birds to its branches and grows from the earth, which is symbolized by the turtle at the base of the tree. The elements of air and earth in this mosaic complement the themes of water and fire in River of Moonlight and Serpent of Light.

Lead Apprentices

Kathleen Garcia

Jesse Williamson

Lead Artists


Cassandra Reid

This Project Was Funded By


Youth Conservation Corps

The Office of the Mayor

The Office of City Councilor Isaac Benton

Program Administrator:

Harwood Art Center