My name is Kimberly Gauna & this is my first year as an apprentice here at ALMA. I started off with drawing when I was younger but my freshman year, my painting teacher Vanessa, pushed me to keep working with my art. I really didn’t put too much thought into it because I never had too much motivation for it. Now I’m working with ALMA with other great young artists. 

Working with ALMA has been such a great experience. You’re getting hands-on experience at work as well too. You get to learn new techniques & they have returners who are never afraid to show what they know. Working with art, colors & people is a great way to get along as a community & that is what ALMA is for. 

Being in the program has taught me how to engage more with people & the community by using art. You make new friends, learn & build bonds with the people you’d never imagine building one with. We all work as a team to get amazing art work done. Come by to see the installation at Valle Del Oro ! 

ALMA is continuing to expand our programming throughout the year and we would love your support.