Jordan Caldwell

apprentice for ALMA

Working with youth in Albuquerque and seeing what these young artists are capable of is never far from extraordinary. Jordan Caldwell became an apprentice after high school and is now is in his third year at SUVA(Southwest University of Visual Arts). This is Jordan’s fourth year as an apprentice in ALMA; he has collaborated in the summer projects “Giver of Water, Essence of Life”, “Keeper of Fire”, and “Weaving our Destiny”. In today’s Show-and-Tell, an early morning ritual where the programs apprentices show off their art work to their peers, Jordan presented a small collection of work that was nothing less than mind blowing.


“I feel that the meaning of my art should be unique to all my viewers. I use my paintings to capture the image of mundane life, be it through downtown traffic, suburban homes, buses, dirt roads, or abandon objects.”

Jordan described to his peers that beauty can be inspiring in the most humdrum moments in life. His mission was to help his audience to compare and contrast on what they may see on an everyday basis. And if his paintings did not capture your attention, his drawings would most certainly do the trick. 

“I enjoy doing these animal portraits while i’m taking the bus to and from home, work, and school. It’s a perfect way to practice and improve my skills while I wait hours on the bus.”


Jordan’s talent was not restricted to only painting with acrylics, oils, and wax. Inside a roughed-up sketch book sitting on the table for everyone to look at, Jordan has ink and pencil sketches of animals and objects.