Weaving Our Destiny, 2017

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Weaving Our Destiny

Summer 2017

Mural Imagery and Narrative

“Weaving Our Destiny” emerged as we looked to connect the present to the past and future. This summer’s mural begins with traditional designs inspired by Navajo weavings. We not only used the wall as our canvas but also our loom.

Giant hands weave the strings that will compose our present as well as our future. The strings lead the way down the wall, moving in time and taking us from the wise teachings of the past and to a colorful and complex landscape. The interplay between the woven pattern and the painterly landscape create a layered composition both visually and conceptually. We blended contemporary and traditional styles to create a piece that honors ancestry but looks toward the future. The flowers are a nod toward embroidery traditions from around the world and serve as an introduction to a curandera who is surrounded by nature. She is a symbol of healing, one of our many hopes for the future.

Apprentice Artists

Desiray Maez      Jaquelin de la Cruz      Victoria Cereceres      Gabby Escarcega      Jacquelyn Yepa      Tori Lucero      Noe Barnet      Amelia Richardson      Shundiin Nakai      Jacklyn Le      Jordan Caldwell      Matthew Michalski      Aaron Rivera


Lead Apprentices 

Helen Atkins          Jordyn Bernicke          James Long


Lead Artists

Vanessa Alvarado          Staci Drangmeister          Margarita Paz-Pedro

Cassandra Reid


Special Thanks to

Mayor Richard Barry          New Mexico Clay          La Academia de Esperanza


Project funded by

New Mexico Youth Conservation Corps          City of Albuquerque Public Art Program

Heart Gallery of New Mexico Foundation