First Light, 2008

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2008, Albuquerque Convention Center

First Light
Summer 2008

Mural Imagery and Narrative
First Light was designed to create a sense of depth and tranquility. An eagle hunts at dawn, soaring above an ancient adobe building that is slowly returning to the earth. The colors of the sky were designed and laid with great care by the apprentices to depict the sacred, contemplative moment of dawn. This section provides a visual and metaphorical “breathing space” for the mosaic cycle as a whole.

Lead Apprentices
Vanessa Alvarado & Kathryn Kennedy

Lead Artist
Cassandra Reid

Funded by
City of Albuquerque Public Art Program, Escuela del Sol, Harwood Art Center, LEF Foundation, McCune Charitable Foundation, American Home Furnishings, Bank of the West, Don Chalmers Ford, French Mortuary